This agreement is a partnership between
myself, the coach, and you, the client. 

My role:

I will listen, question and give feedback.

I will assess where you are now and where you have come from. 

I will support you in setting your goals and taking action steps towards achieving them.

We can't guarantee results in life as these are dependent upon us creating the changes we need to achieve them.

I will do my best to help you reach the goals you set for yourself, but the ultimate responsibility lies with you taking responsibility for the success you want.

I will ask you to work on various issues between sessions by assigning thought-provoking and inspiring journal assignments, action items, and other coaching tools.

It is your decision to carry out any of the coaching requests or actions steps that you and I come up with, or not. You will gain the most benefit by participating fully.

Developing trust is of the utmost importance and trust can’t be developed without confidentiality. 

Please know, anything you share with me will be kept strictly confidential. 

Your role:

To help identify what you want to achieve from each session I ask that prior to each session you please be prepared to provide me with feedback on how the previous week went and what you would like to discuss in our current session. You are encouraged to use my coaching prep form, weekly.

Make your coaching a priority in your life.

Make sure you give yourself time each week to complete coaching requests.

Acknowledge that you are committed to moving forward to a more positive life. 

You are taking responsibility for the effects of your thoughts, feelings and actions, and recognize that blaming others is not helpful.

Be open to play, experimentation and trying something new.

Be willing to look at your patterns and beliefs and change what isn't working. 

Don't expect to get the answers right away, but instead be willing to play around with what works and what doesn't work for you.


Fees are based on the coaching package you have purchased.

Payment is made online via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.

If you have a specific day/time each week that you would like to hold, payment must be received before I can hold them.

Payments are non-refundable. You can donate any unused sessions to someone on my low-income or pro-bono waiting list.

Month to Month package options expire within 30 days, unless we have discussed otherwise.

All other packages have a 6 month expiration date.


Cancelled or missed sessions occasionally occur in any on-going coaching relationship.

If you need to cancel or change the time of a coaching session I will need 48 hours notice in order to not charge you for the session. Please read this one twice!

With advance notice of more than 48 hours you will not be charged and I will make every effort to reschedule a time that works. 

If I need to reschedule a session with you because of illness, travel, or emergency, I will make every effort to give you adequate notice to reschedule with you. If I am unable to give 24 hours notice, I will reimburse you with a session free of charge.


Your business is valuable to me and getting to know you more fully is an important component of our coaching relationship. Although not required, it is likely that you will be sharing some confidential, personal information—at your discretion—openly and honestly during our coaching sessions. 

I protect the confidentiality with all of my coaching clients at all times.

I will only release information about our work together with your written permission. 

To the maximum extent allowable by law, I will not release any identifying information about you or our work together without your express permission

You agree to allow me to log your name, email address and session dates to be used as proof of experience in obtaining additional certifications and credentials. No session details are used and I do not ever record sessions unless you have given written permission to participate in a recording for credentialing, teaching or other related purposes. Please feel free to ask questions about this anytime.

Nondisclosure and Intellectual Property:

I will not voluntarily communicate your future plans, business strategy, customer information, health & medical information, or financial information to any other third party without your express and written permission. 

To protect my intellectual property, you agree not to disperse or reuse the coaching materials I have created without my permission.


I will work with you to help you move forward with issues relating to goal achievement, and finding greater fulfillment in your working and personal life. But ultimately, you are the one that has the ability to make changes in your life. A coach cannot do the work for you.

You acknowledge that I have no special training or qualification as a licensed professional psychiatrist, counselor, financial advisor, doctor, health professional, business expert or the like. I am not qualified to diagnose any medical condition or provide psychological counseling, behavioral counseling or psychotherapy/psychoanalysis. 

We frequently promote the services of our "partner" team members but will not schedule, collect payment or be liable in any way for their services. They are not employed by NC Life Coaching and are only referrals for services that our clients may be interested in. Contact them directly for their services agreements.